Eye Donation

Though all organs of the body are equally significant, eyes can somehow be considered a little more special. It renders us vision and lets us enjoy the aesthetics that the world has to offer. However, due to several kinds of visual impairments, many people lose their vision and the world turns dark to them. We can give them the gift of light by a simple step of eye donation.

Blindness is a major cause of concern around the world today. According to WHO, after cataract and glaucoma, blindness is mostly caused by corneal impairments. Most of these impairments are curable, specially through eye donation, which refers to donating one’s eyes after death. The cornea of the eye can also be donated after death which will render vision to the blind.

Donated eyes are used to restore vision in people suffering from corneal blindness. Cornea is the clear tissue covering the front of the eye. If it is impaired, vision is reduced or lost. In such cases, vision can be restored by a simple surgery called keratoplasty wherein the cornea is replaced. As of today, there is no other solution for corneal blindness than the replacement of cornea.

However, due to lack of awareness, social or religious reserves, etc., eye donation is yet get it’s due importance in our country. Thus, to raise awareness among the masses on eye donation, the National Eye Donation Fortnight is observed from August 25 to September 8 every year.